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Sinker Bullet Tree Log 149 Fretboard 4

Part Number BTL149-FB4
Sinker Bullet Tree Log 149 Fretboard 4
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Bullet Tree is a common hardwood in Belize. Commonly known in the US as Black Olive and grown as a shrub in the southern coastal areas. In Belize trees can get very large and the lumber from it is commonly used where great strength and abrasion resistance is required such as heavy traffic flooring. Bullet Tree is very hard, heavy and very strong. Its strength properties in bending and resistance to abrasion are reported to be superior to those of Brazillian rosewood. It is also reported to be dimensionally stable after seasoning, and shows very small movement in use. Itís specific gravity is 0.93, slightly higher than Ebony, (0.92). Bullet Tree polishes to a very high sheen and is more resistant to chipping than Ebony.
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Sinker Bullet Tree Log 149 Fretboard 5
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